The Bevscout Platform

Bevscout, the engagement platform tailored specifically to the adult beverage industry, has begun the soft rollout of its pilot program, in partnership with Jose Cuervo and Pabst Blue Ribbon. The results so far have exceeded both our expectations as well as that of the participating brands.

Already Underway

Jose Cuervo and Pabst Blue Ribbon sponsored events which proved to be ideal trial environments for our Beta software. This was an opportunity to see our software in action and also served as proof-of-concept, opening the door to future commercial relationships.

Two Events - Two Success Stories

One of the hallmarks of the Bevscout platform is its ability to easily boost ROI of existing programming, as these brand-sponsored events illustrated. In both cases, Bevscout was incorporated into the brands' already-established programming as a means to increase their social media influence.

These two trial runs utilized very simple action-reward combinations (MVP), barely scratching the surface of the Bevscout platform’s capabilities. For example, Bevscout can drive consumers from on-premise to off-premise by incentivizing a bottle barcode scan, just as easily as it can incentivize a Facebook “like” or a branded “tweet” on Twitter. The engagement is limited only by the imaginativeness of the campaign.

"The Bevscout system had an immediate impact on our social reach and allowed us to understand our audience in unprecedented detail. We aim to integrate Bevscout into a wide range of our upcoming campaigns." -Jose Cuervo Brand Ambassador

Jose Cuervo sponsored event at Maserati Dealership, New York, March 7th

Pabst Blue Ribbon sponsored event at Times Square, New York, March 10th


Event Sponsor 1st Event, Jose Cuervo 2nd event, PBR
Attendees Activated 35% 32%
Activations Completed 40% 62%
Attendees Completed 14% 20%
For the first event, we knew that our early Beta software didn’t work on some phone models and thus managed people’s expectations with in-app messages. Approximately 40% of the activated consumers were not able to complete the process, but even with these issues, redemption rates were inspiring. Since the events, our technical team had corrected the issues.

By the second event, the technical limitations of the Beta software were much improved. While there is still development to be done, we saw a 40% increase in the percentage of people that were able to complete the engagement.

PBR enjoyed a signifcant increase in Facebook activity

Data Capture

Bevscout was able to capture a wide range of data from the people who engaged with the system. For confidentiality, no personally identifiable data was captured. We were able to collect data dimensions inluding nationality, age, education level, employer, city and state of residence and many other attributes. A fully interactive dashboard is embedded below.

Lessons Learned - Takeaway

People are willing to take action if there is a straightforward, instantly-redeemable reward.

This was confirmed by the ease with which we could get consumers to begin the activation process.

People are willing to go through a number of steps to get a reward.

We observed a relatively high completion rate for those that began the activation process, a number that will only increase as the speed and ease of use of our software improves.

Bevscout can boast an extremely desirable CPE for the brand.

While the generally accepted cost for acquiring a Facebook “like” is about $5, we now know that not all Facebook “likes” are created equal. The audience being engaged by the Bevscout platform is in a sweet spot in terms of target demographic. A consumer at the event is already engaging with the brand physically, and after Bevscout will be engaging with the brand socially and online.

What's Next for Bevscout

National Campaigns

While we can’t name names quite yet, we are currently prepping for a national campaign with a top-selling beer brand.

Software Development

Our development team is working tirelessly on the Beta software to create new action-reward combinations, eliminate any phone or operating system incompatibilities, and increase the software’s speed and ease-of-use.

New Office

We have acquired an office in the Flatiron district, New York. If you’re in the neighborhood stop by, let’s do lunch!

We're Hiring

The scope of Bevscout is increasing at a rapid pace, and we are looking to add new team members. For more information, please email

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