The Bevscout Platform



Maximize ROI

Big Data


Drive Sales

  1. Influence

    Influence and track consumer behaviors and actions

  2. Loyalty

    Foster brand loyalty through exclusive rewards

  3. Maximize ROI

    Maximize ROI for existing on/off-premise programming

  4. Big Data

    Gather Big Data, campaign metrics, and consumer insights

  5. Build

    Build long-term interactions with incentivized consumers

  6. Drive Sales

    Use incentives to drive consumers from on to off-premise

User Flow




  1. Engage

    • Integrate digital/social channels into existing campaigns
    • Engage conusmers at both staffed and unstaffed sponsored events
    • Deliver push notifications, branded messages, and promo offers to targeted customers
    • Drive sales both on and off-premise
    • Introduce new products across accounts via education, offers, and rich media

  2. Activate

    • Influence social action on any platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
    • Create custom actions to meet your specific needs such as surveys, sweepstakes submissions, event reminders, and brand ambassador customs
    • Physical engagement both on and off-premise
    • Reward product-in-hand actions, brand event or location check-ins, purchasing behavior (where applicable) and much more

  3. Reward

    • Consumers earn exclusive rewards for completing Brand Benefit Actions (BBAs)
    • Deliver offers and rewards directly to any mobile device
    • Establish long-term relationships, fostering brand evangelists
    • Versatile action/reward system can be utilized with any campaign, from traditional to digital, across accounts

Data Driven




Code Activity

Redemption yield

Device details

  1. Accountability

    Traceable KPIs and real-time ROI assesment

  2. Demographics

    Understand exactly who your consumers are

  3. Geo-targeting

    Know where your consumers are located in real-time

  4. Code and URL activity

    Easily idenitfy successful campaign tactics

  5. Redemption yield

    Quantify the actions your consumers take

  6. Usage details

    Find out which devices and apps your consumers use


The Missing Link

Scalable Pricing

Revenue Focused

  1. The Missing Link

    In today's hyper-competitive marketplace, current marketing tactics are inefficient and not integrated. The Bevscout platform offers unparalleled intergration of traditional, social, mobile, and experiential campaigns.

  2. Scalable Pricing

    Brands use our service on a subscription or performance-basis fee shcedule. Bevscout is a cost-effective vehicle, providing unlimited re-targeting opportunities via exclusivity and access to a defined loyal consumer base. You only pay for guaranteed engagement.

  3. Revenue Focused

    Brands no longer have to hope that marketing campaigns will lead to sales. Bevscout directly drives sales in a quantifiable way with patent pending digital instant rebates and mobile couponing.


A Great Platform Needs
Great Technology

Interactive Data Analytics
Flexible Online Dashboards

A Great Platform is Nothing Without
a Great Back-End

  1. Flexible Architecture

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    • Use of NoSQL for back-end
    • Cloud-based extenseable application layer which can scale with the demand of the largest campaigns or the unique needs of smaller ones
    • Flexible front-end creates ubiquity in the interface
    • Price-prediction engine incorporates phone survey and user-contributed location demographics to forecast all top-selling brands and sizes

  2. Action Validation

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    • OCR technology to verify the validity of receipt scans used for instant rebates
    • Malicious voting agent detection alorithm to identify and eliminate fake submissisions

  3. Reward Process

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    • System for varying the incentive given to data-contributors based on the statistical importance of the data
    • Patent-pending systems


About Us

Bevscout was created by a team of data analytics veterans and adult beverage executives. For more information and inquiries, please give us a call or send an email.